The Truth About


Illumination or Deception?

Chapter 2

Difficulties in the Book of Mormon

     The Book of Mormon presents difficulties that cannot be explained away regarding the following topics:


     First Nephi 1:2, etc., states that Hebrews who left Jerusalem and came to the Americas spoke Egyptian. It is a known fact that Hebrews spoke Hebrew, and their records were kept in Hebrew. Egyptians were their enemies. It is as absurd to think that Hebrews would have written their sacred history in Egyptian as to think that American history would have been written in Russian! In Mormon 9:32, 34, it is stated that the language was “reformed Egyptian” and that no other people knew their language. There is no known language called “reformed Egyptian.”

Desert Fruit

     First Nephi 17:5 talks about ample fruit and wild honey being products of the Sinai Desert (called Bountiful). Not possible!

Desert Timber

     First Nephi 18:1 talks about ample timber that these Jews used to build a ship. There is not ample timber in that area. It was a desert. It is still a desert.

Laman River

     First Nephi 2:6-9 mentions a river named Laman that flows into the Red Sea. There is no river there, nor has there been one since the Pleistocene Era (even if one accepts evolutionary geology).

Botanical Problems

     Discrepancies abound in the Book of Mormon. Wheat, barley, olives, etc., are mentioned, but none of these were in the Americas at that time.


     North America had no cows, asses, horses, oxen, etc.; Europeans brought them hundreds and hundreds of years later. North America had no lions, leopards, or sheep at that time. Honey bees were brought here by Europeans much later. Ether 9:18,19 lists domestic cattle, cows and oxen as separate species! They did not even exist in the Americas at that time, nor did chickens, dogs, or elephants.

     And what on earth are “curloms” and “cumoms”? No such animals have ever been identified anywhere. Domestic animals that are thought to be “useful” would hardly become extinct.

     Butter is also mentioned, but it could not possibly have existed, since no milk-producing animals were found in the Americas at that time.