The Adam-God Doctrine

The Adam-God Doctrine and other man elevating doctrines as recorded in the Journal of Discourses and in personal journals in chronological order.

Adam’s name was more ancient than he was Journal of Heber C. Kimball –1845
Adam holds the keys of the resurrection Journal of Wilford Woodruff -1845
No better man lived than Joseph Smith J of D 1:41
Adam came to Eden with a celestial, resurrected body J of D 1:46-51 –1852
Eve was one of his wives (inferring he had others) Ibid.
Adam helped create the world Ibid.
Adam is our Father and God Ibid.
Adam brought seed from another planet to this earth Ibid.
Adam and Eve ate to become mortal to bear physical children Ibid.
Jesus was born to Mary by the Father (Adam) Ibid.
Negroes from degraded parents and are less intelligent than others J of D 1:62-63
I will unsheath my bowie knife, and conquer or die J of D 1:83
Jesus believed in polygamy J of D 1:345-346
Father Adam is the Father of Jesus Christ J of D 2:6 –1853
Jesus married in Cana J of D 2:82
Must do as Joseph Smith says J of D 2:106
God sent angel in First Vision J of D 2:171
Jesus married at Cana and begat children J of D 2:210
When God pours out the Holy Ghost the person will have spasms J of D 2:269
Angel says original Book of Mormon translated correctly J of D 2:293
If any miserable scoundrels come here, cut their throats J of D 2:311
God created man to become Gods J of D 3:93
Brigham Young an apostle of Joseph Smith J of D 3:212
Deny polygamy and you will be damned J of D 3:266
Adam helped make this world, was chief manager J of D 3:319-320
Adam brought animals and seed from other planets Ibid.
Adam brought his wife here Ibid.
Adam made from the dust of another earth Ibid.
Adam was made as we are made (natural birth) Ibid.
God – first man-Adam – sent his son to redeem the world J of D 4:1,2,7
Brigham to bow to Joseph Smith J of D 4:41
Select a place to shed blood J of D 4:49
Blood of Jesus doesn’t cover all sins J of D 4:53-54
We have the greatest and smoothest liars in the world J of D 4:77
We can beat the world at gambling Ibid.
We can beat the world at any game Ibid.
We pray the best, preach the best, sing the best Ibid.
We expect to be a stumbling block to the whole world, and a rock of offence to them Ibid.
The Father – an exalted man – begat spirits J of D 4:215-219
Father then commenced creating tabernacles Ibid.
Father partook of course material – created children Ibid.
Father’s Firstborn (spirit-child) sired by him personally Ibid.
This is loving your neighbor – spill his blood J of D 4:220
If a man turns traitor to God, his blood will be shed J of D 4:375
All will someday look upon Joseph Smith as God J of D 5:88
Cursing enemies and President of U.S. J of D 5:95
President of U.S. cursed of God J of D 5:133
Deny polygamy and you deny Mormonism J of D 5:203
Brigham Young to be President of U.S. J of D 5:219
Adam is God J of D 5:331-32, 1852
I believe our God to be so near to us as Father Adam J of D 5:331-332
Michael was in the Grand Council before earth Ibid.
At length you will meet Father Adam Ibid.
Christians as ignorant as brut beast J of D 6:25
God did not come to Joseph Smith in First Vision J of D 6:29
God is our Father, Jesus Christ our Elder Brother J of D 6:32
Listen to your leaders – right or wrong J of D 6:32
Be as ready to shed blood as to eat an apple J of D 6:34
God is ever increasing in Knowledge J of D 6:120
Mormons – Saviors of the world J of D 6:163
Christianity a pact of nonsense J of D 6:167
Religions of the day hatched in hell J of D 6:176
Must confess with your mouth that Joseph Smith was a prophet J of D 6:229
Jesus Christ was not begotten by the Holy Ghost J of D 6:274-275, 1852
If worthy, we will become Adams and Eves Ibid.
After exaltation we ingest gross matter to fall as Adam did Ibid.
We will mortally clothe our spiritual offspring Ibid.
Adam was not formed as an adobe brick Ibid.
Book of Mormon condemns polygamy J of D 6:351
“I am hated for teaching…by which the Gods were and are” J of D 7:3
Wipe unclean one out of existence J of D 7:19
Jesus believed in severing heads of adulterers J of D 7:20
Mankind is offspring of parents from another planet J of D 7:285-290
Father was the father of Jesus Christ, body and spirit Ibid.
Adam and Eve parents of spirits and flesh Ibid.
Must have consent of Joseph Smith to enter heaven J of D 7:289
God was once a man J of D 7:333
Christians shrouded in ignorance J of D 7:333
Let every false theory and principle fall J of D 8:132
Christians are heathens as to the knowledgs of salvation J of D 8:171
Whoever doesn’t confess Joseph Smith is of God, is of the Antichirst J of D 8:176
Christians are ignorant J of D 8:199
God, a natural man, had a father J of D 8:211
Sisters to become Eves to earths like this J of D 8:208
Adam planted the Garden J of D 8:243-244
Adam brought animals from earth where he dwelt Ibid.
Joseph Smith, a God to the Mormons. J of D 8:321
Keep your follies to yourselves J of D 8:362
Adam was not made of the dust of this earth Diary of Hosea Stout Vol. 2:435, 1852
Adam was the father of Jesus and Only God to us Ibid.
Adam came to earth with a resurrected body Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1852
Adam is Michael or God Ibid.
Father came into the Garden of Eden with one of his wives Ibid.
The Virgin Mary with child by the Father (Adam) Ibid.
Father of Jesus Christ was Adam Journal of William Clayton, 1852
Adam came to this earth with a resurrected body Journal of Samuel H. Rogers, 1852
Spirits were begotten by Adam and Eve before this earth was created Ibid.
Adam had a celestial body before earth Ibid.
Adam helped make the earth Ibid.
Adam brought Eve, one of his wives Ibid.
Both Adam and Eve ate of the fruit to become mortal and thus beget children Ibid.
Adam the only God we would have Ibid.
Adam not formed of the dust of this earth Millenial Star Vol. 15:780 –1853
Adam – Our Father and God Millenial Star Vol. 15:801-804, 1853
Adam – Father and God of human family Typescript of Brigham Young talk at University of Utah –1854
Adam said, “This is my beloved Son, hear him.” Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1854
God was Father Adam Ibid.
Adam is the Father of Jesus Christ Ibid.
Adam is our God, Michael the Archangel Typescript of Brigham Young talk at University of Utah, 1854
Adam begat Jesus Christ Ibid.
Adam is the Ancient of Days Ibid.
Adam had a mother and father (showing he grew up and lived on a previous earth) Ibid.
Jesus Christ not begotten by the Holy Ghost Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1854
Adam and Eve partook of fruit to bear mortal children in flesh Ibid.
We will become Gods as he was (Adam) Ibid.
Adam came from another world and brought Eve Diary of Joseph Robinson p. 102, 1854
Adam and Eve are the names of the first man and woman on every earth Ibid.
Adam and Eve are natural parents of every spirit that comes to this earth Ibid.
Adam was God our Eternal Father Journal of Southern Indian Mission pp. 88-89, 1854
Father of our spirits is the Father of Jesus Christ’s body and spirit Ibid.
Father is the beginner of the bodies of all men Ibid.
There is no Father without a grandfather etc. Ibid.
Always an Adam and Eve as first man and woman on every earth Ibid.
Adam and Eve’s oldest Son is heir and should be our Savior Ibid.
Michael born on another planet, obeyed his Lord Ibid.
Adam died, was resurrected on another planet Ibid.
When Jesus complets his work, Adam has fulness Ibid.
Adam organized people, redeemed world by his firstborn Ibid.
All are children of Father Adam Manusript History of Brigham Young in LDS Church Archives, 1854
No grandfather without a great-grandfather Ibid.
Eve not made of Adam’s rib Ibid.
Adam not made of the dust of this earth Ibid.
Adam made of the dust of the earth on which he was born Ibid.
Adam lived, died, resurrected on a previous earth to this Ibid.
Adam is the father of our spirits Ibid.
Many of Adam’s wives also exalted previous to this earth Ibid.
When Christ finishes his labors, Adam receives fullness Ibid.
Christ is Adam’s servant (inferred) Ibid.
Father Adam resurrected with wives and posterity (previous to this earth) Ibid.
All human spirits begotten by Adam, born of Eve Ibid.
Adam did not die here in the normal meaning of the term Ibid.
Adam planted the Garden of Eden Ibid.
Men to be crowned in Father’s (Adam’s) Kingdom Ibid.
When you see Heavenly Father and Mother, it will be Adam and Eve Ibid.
Jesus to take earth and saints to Father Adam Ibid.
Our God is Adam Journal of John Pulsipher, 1854
Adam lived and died and was resurrected on another planet Ibid.
Adam begat the spirits Ibid.
Adam brought animals and vegatation from another world Ibid.
On every earth a Adam and Eve is necessary Ibid.
Adam’s oldest son, if faithful, is Savior Ibid.
Adam is Father of our spirits Ibid.
Adam and Eve made out of dust of another earth Journal of Samuel Richards –1855
Adam and Eve immortal and resurrected before this earth Ibid.
Adam and Eve had to partake of fruit to bear natural bodies Ibid.
Adam and Eve immortal and from another earth Journal or Wilford Woodruff, 1855
Adam assisted in forming this earth Ibid.
Adam agreed to fall that man might be Ibid.
Devil sowed seed of death in everything Ibid.
Father Adam knew how many would receive Celestial glory Ibid.
God continues to learn Ibid. 1856
Sons of perdition will dissolve back and loose identity Ibid.
Orson Pratt refuses to believe Adam-God Doctrine History of Samuel W. Richards, pg. 15, 1856
Brigham Young defends Adam-God as “Thus saith the Lord” Ibid.
Orson Pratt denies the Lord taught that doctrine to Brigham Ibid.
Orson Pratt will never “be Adam” (Brigham’s words) Ibid.
Brigham Young says O. Pratt’s unbelief will destroy him Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1856
Orson Pratt promised never to futher oppose Adam-God Doctrine Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1858
Orson Pratt defies Brigham again Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1860
“I am not going to crawl to Brigham Young…” Orson Pratt – Ibid.
Michael was a resurrected being before earth Ibid.
Adam partook of earthly food – forgot all Ibid.
Adam begot children who were mortal Ibid.
Orson Hyde says Orson Pratt has not the spirit of God Ibid.
C.C. Rich agrees, “Orson Pratt was wrong” Ibid.
Orson Pratt confesses in tabernacle Ibid.
“I have been too free in telling what God is…” Brigham Young Deseret News, June27, 1860, pp. 129-130
Our Father…will reign…over all his children Ibid.
God revealed Adam-God to Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and George Cannon Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1860
Sisters will have millions of children Ibid.
Adam is all the God that we have to do with Diary of John D. Lee 1861
Adam’s children were conversant with Adam’s Father J of D 9:148
God is our physical father J of D 9:283
Whites who marry blacks [means] death on the spot J of D 10:110
Penalty if a white marries a black [means] death on the spot, always so Ibid.
Spirit writing, known about J of D 10:194
Our Heavenly Father appeared and planted the Garden of Eden J of D 10:222
Civil War won’t free the slaves J of D 10:250
God the Father is the Ancient of Days J of D 11:39-40
He is the Father of Jesus Christ and our spirits Ibid.
All who believe, are faithful and serve God become Gods J of D 11:122
God created man as we create our children Ibid.
God is the Father of Jesus Christ, and our spirits J of D 11:123
Give up polygamy and the devil will rejoice J of D 11:239
God rules over his own progeny J of D 11:262
Mary, wife of Joseph, had another husband God – J of D 11:268
The only men who become Gods enter polygamy J of D 11:269
Ancient of Days to judge Israel J of D 11:326-327
We shall create people and redeem future worlds Journal of Wilford Woodruff 1867
Adam made this world Ibid.
Sisters to become, “Mothers of all living” : Eves J of D 12:97
Adam was Michael the Archangel, Father of Jesus Christ Journal of Wilford Woodruff 1867
Joseph Smith taught Adam was Father of Jesus Ibid.
Adam is the God we worship Minutes of the School of the Prophets in Provo, Utah 1868
Adam is the father of our spirits Ibid.
The human family is the offspring of the Being we worship J of D 12:324
Angel visited Joseph Smith in First Vision J of D 12:334
Eve is a title – Relief Society sisters will be Eves Millenial Star Vol. 31:267
What Brigham Young preached is scripture J of D 13:95
Give up polygamy and you might as well give up prophets, apostles, and revelation J of D 13:166
Orson Pratt, “Adam is called an Archangel, yet he is a God.” J of D 13:187
Adam the Father of man’s spirits Journal of Wilford Woodruff 1869
Christians are the veriest of fools J of D 13:225
Adam-God taught by Jesus, Apostles, Joseph Smith J of D 13:249-250
Inhabitants on the sun J of D 13:271
Jesus’ “train” of wives and children J of D 13:309
Father of us all lost one third of his children J of D 14:92-93
We are the children of the Almighty – Adam J of D 14:111
We are God’s children, literally, spiritually, naturally J of D 14:136
We know more about God…than we care to tell J of D 16:46
What I know concerning God…I have received from the heavens Ibid.
Take up the Bible,…see if the LDS will stand the test Ibid.
Adam is our Father and God Deseret News June 18, 1873, pp. 308-309
God revealed this doctrine to me Ibid.
Father Adam helped make this earth Ibid.
Adam brought one of his wives…Eve Ibid.
Adam holds keys of everlasting life and salvation Ibid.
These doctrines taught to me by Joseph Smith Ibid.
Jesus is the Son of God and still the Son of Man Ibid.
These doctrines hidden from men Ibid.
The faithful to create and people earths Ibid.
Adam – the world’s framer and maker Ibid.
Adam dwelt once on an earth like this Ibid.
Adam brought down his spirit children Ibid.
Adam Tabernacled his spirit children Ibid.
There is no mystry to the Gods Ibid.
God progresses Ibid.
Adam assisted in organizing the earth J of D 16:167
Eve brought to Father Adam Ibid.
No doubt Adam left many companions Ibid.
Eve was Adam’s first wife Ibid.
Mormons doing a great business in coffee, tea and tobacco J of D 16:238
When man fell, the earth fell into space J of D 17:143
This earth built for us by the Father of our Spirits Ibid.
The Father is maker, framer and producer of mortal bodies Ibid.
Joseph said Adam was our Father and God Historical Record of Southern Utah Mission 1873-1877
Gods live on the Sun Ibid.
The sun has its people and its God Brigham Young papers recorded by L. John Nuttall
The Savior presents the kingdom to the Ancient of Days Ibid.
Jesus presents his work the Father J of D 18:257-262
Jesus says: “Father, here is the work thou gavest me to do.” Ibid.
Father Adam’s oldest Son was Jesus the Savior Veil Lecture in the St. George Temple as taken from the Diary of L. John Nuttall 1877-1905
Adam not created of the dust of this earth Ibid.
He was immortal before he came here Ibid.<

He was born on another earth

Adam was immortal before he came here Ibid.
He lived, and was resurrected prior to this earth Ibid.
He begot all the spirits of this earth Ibid.
Eve bore all these spirits in the Celestial world Ibid.
Father Adam’s first begotten in the Spirit World is heir Ibid.
This heir is the only begotten in the flesh Ibid.
Adam came in his divinity to Mary and she conveived Ibid.
Adam and Eve did not lay their bodies in the dust Ibid.
Mother Eve was the daughter of Adam Journal of Wilford Woodruff, 1873
Adam lived and resurrected on a previous earth Manuscript History of Brigham Young in LDS Archives
Adam is the ancient of Days Ibid.
God is the father of both bodies and spirits Benjamin F. Johnson letter p. 18-19
Angel visited Joseph Smith in First Vision J of D 20:167
Mormonism must be all true or else it is all false J of D 21:165
Blacks are Devil’s representatives on earth J of D 22:304
Blacks are Devil’s representatives on earth J of D 23:336
Joseph Smith taught that Adam had two wives J of D 26:115


Adam – God Doctrine as found in the LDS Scriptures

Prince of all D&C 27:11
Father of all Ibid.
Ancient of Days Ibid.
Archangel D&C 107:54 and D&C 29:26
All dispensations revealed by Adam D&C 128:21
Keys of Salvation D&C 78:16
Keys of Resurrection D&C 29:26
Detects Satan as Angel of light D&C 128:20
Adam will bind Satan D&C 88:110
Adam will declare all things finished D&C 88:106
Adam the Seventh Angel or Archangel D&C 88:111
Adam in charge of Hosts of Heaven D&C 88:112
Adam in charge of Armies of Heaven D&C 88:113
Adam will fight battles of Saints D&C 88:115
Adam will give Jesus Christ a dominion, a glory, and a kingdom D&C 7:9-14
Adam fell that men might be 2 Nephi 2:25
“This is my beloved Son. Hear Him.”
Adam always reveals Christ Joseph Smith 2:17

From “The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith”

Adam was made to open the way of the world – p. 12

Adam presides over the spirits of all men – p. 157

Keys of the priesthood revealed by Adam’s authority – p. 157

Adam holds dominion over every living creature – p. 157

Adam calls children together for coming of the Son of Man – p. 157

Adam father of Human Family – p. 157

All who have held keys must stand before Adam – p. 157

Son of Man stands before Him (Man) (Adam) – p. 157

Adam holds Keys of Universe – p. 157

Adam gives Keys of Universe to Christ – p. 157

Adam retains standing as head of Human Family – p. 157

The Father (Adam) called all spirits before him at the creation of man – p. 158

Adam organized all spirits at the creation of man – p. 157

Adam is the head – p. 158

Adam was told to multiply (by his God, Jehovah) – p. 158

The keys were first given to Adam – p. 158

Adam gave keys to others – p. 158

Christ Great High Priest next to Adam – p. 158

Saints receive judgement from Adam – p. 159

Adam First and Father of all – p. 167

Adam reveals Christ to all – p. 167

Adam holds the keys of all dispensations – p. 167

Adam is the Ancient of Days – p. 167

Adam was the First Man – p. 167

Adam reveals all ordinances from Heaven – p. 168

Adam to watch over all ordinances (to be the same) – p. 168

Angels under the direction of Adam – p. 168

Adam acts under the direction of the Lord Jehovah – p. 168

Adam received commandments from God (Jehovah) – p. 168

Adam holds the keys of presidency over all dispensations – p. 169

Adam received his presidency and authority from the Lord – p. 169

Adam cannot receive a fullness until Christ shall present the kingdom to the Father – p. 169

God himself is the Father of us all – p. 346