Former Mormon Stories

Their Pilgrimage to Biblical Christianity

There are many people who have come out of Mormonism and have found hope in the person of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

Born Again in Christ – Testimony of Becky White

BYU Professor and Family Leaves the Mormon Church for the True Jesus of the Bible

A Convert’s Story

A new life in Christ (A Bishop’s Wife’s Story)

Testimony of Two Witnesses

53 Years with the Wrong Jesus – or I was a spirit-brother to Lucifer…but now I am adopted

Three Days To Leave After 18 Years

The True Church

How the “Other” Woman Led Me to Christ

X-L.D.S – B.E.S.O

Jason & Laura’s Testimony

Melissa’s Story

Shooting the Messenger

Edward’s Story – Out of Mormonism in Africa

I Left Polygamy Behind

Out of Polygamy – Into Christ – Introduction

Out of Polygamy – Into Christ – Testimony

Musical Stephanie’s Story

“And It Came to Pass” (that I got out alive! lol*)

My Most Important Journey

Delivered From All My Fears

A clash of convictions

Where do I go from Here? Part 2 of the Clash of Convictions

From Joseph to Jesus